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Reform Ballot Access
The Daily Oklahoman
December 13, 2002

TO THE EDITOR: Saddam Hussein was recently re-elected president of Iraq with 100 percent of the vote. Are we better off? Because Oklahoma has the worst ballot access law in the nation, in 99 percent of elections in our state you get two options - just one more than they get in Baghdad and Beijing.

All of our bordering states have much lower access requirements. Opponents of ballot access reform claim that it will cause voter confusion. Oklahoma voters, who regularly choose between several brands of peanut butter, scores of sodas and hundreds of restaurants, should find as insulting the idea that they'd be confused by having to choose between more than two candidates.

If freedom means anything, it should mean something at the ballot box. It's time for the Legislature to enact ballot access reform and allow Oklahomans electoral freedom. Chris Powell,

Powell is vice chairman of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party.

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