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The Daily Oklahoman
August 11, 2004

Republican Richard Engle (Your Views, Aug 10) defends the Oklahoma closed primary system and uses a comparison of government voting with corporation voting - General Motors. The corporate model allows us to buy stock in various corporations, even stocks of competing corporations. We can buy stock in GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc., and vote for leadership in all.

Engle also states that political parties are private organizations. Can he tell us why taxpayers are paying a private organization to select their leader? Why aren't party members holding a convention at their expense, selecting their representative? If we can't vote in their private primary, why ask us to pay the cost?

Engle writes about ideals and how they shouldn't be diluted. However, Oklahoma's restrictive ballot access system dilutes ideals 10 times more than open primaries. If he truly wants pure ideals and clear distinctions between Republicans and Democrats, he needs to work on allowing the sub groups to form separate parties. Let the Neo-Conservative, Radical, Ultra Right, Liberal and Libertarian Republican factions be recognized as their own political organization.

Richard Prawdzienski

Prawdzienski is immediate past chairman of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party. He is an Independent candidate for the District 39 seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

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