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The El Reno Tribune
Letter to the Editor
January 30th, 2007

Ballot Access Reform Needed
Oklahoma has the harshest ballot access laws in the United States.

I remember reading news stories about "democratic" elections in the old Soviet Union. Yes, the Soviet citizens could vote, but there was only one name on the ballot for each office. Having only one choice is no choice.

Oklahoma elections are not quite that bad, but with 53 of 101 unopposed State Representative candidates elected in 2006 we have reason to worry.

To safeguard true voter choice in Oklahoma, Representative Marion Cooksey introduced House Bill 1359 and State Senator Randy Brogdon introduced Senate Bill 28. These bills ease ballot access for third parties and independent candidates.

Please contact your State Legislators and ask them to co-author these bills to protect our right to vote for the candidates of our choice.

Robert K. Stock, El Reno
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma

Get the facts behind SB 28 and HB 1359 with the one page 2007 info sheet (pdf).

Read the text of SB 28 and HB 1359.

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