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Libertarians file lawsuit against state
Daily Oklahoman
April 10, 2004
Author: Diana Baldwin

The Libertarian Political Organization of Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma County claiming a state law on forming a new political party is unconstitutional. James Linger, attorney for the organization, said they are asking a judge to allow their petition drive - to get on the 2004 presidential election ballot in Oklahoma - to continue past the current May 1 deadline.

The lawsuit is filed against the state Election Board, Secretary Michael Clingman, Chairman Glo Henley, Vice Chairman Kenneth Monroe and member Thomas E. Prince.

State lawmakers last year changed the petition deadline from May 31 to May 1 in even-numbered years, Linger said.

Clingman said Friday he hadn't seen the lawsuit.

Linger said he will ask next week for a hearing date

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